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One of the biggest rivalries in the tech world is the one between Android and IOS. When we talk about IOS vs Android we mean Apple vs Samsung. IOS is Apple's stock OS whereas Android is made by GOOGLE. Currently, Samsung is considered the best android smartphone.

Samsung has the largest market share in smartphones. Let's compare both of them and see which one is better.


Apple vs Samsung: Performance

An important indicator to consider when evaluating phones from these two manufacturers is performance. The easiest way to compare performance is to check the performance of the processor.

Samsung uses its own Exynos processor and Apple uses its own Bionic processor. Up to now apple always won the processor fight with Exynos, snapdragon or with all other processors but this time with Exynos 2100 rumours are saying Exynos will beat A14 Bionic(Apple's processor) for the first time. Currently, Samsung is working with AMD which make computer processors, So possibly we can see revolutionary processors from Samsung.

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Apple vs Samsung: Display

This is one of the areas where Samsung has traditionally dominated. The latest Samsung Galaxy phones have a powerful 6.2-inch 120Hz AMOLED screen. The FHD resolution of the AMOLED screen is 2400 x 1080 and the adaptive refresh rate ranges from 48 Hz to 120 Hz. This ensures a comfortable user experience both during play and during regular use.

On the other hand, the iPhone 12 uses a 6.1-inch SuperRetina XDROLED display. This screen does not have an adaptive refresh rate feature, where the refresh rate is fixed at 60 Hz. With Samsung vs. Compared to the Apple People on the iPhone, Apple's device has a slightly better resolution of 2532 x 1170. However, Android is superior to the iPhone in this area, as this is not enough to make up for the lack of adaptive refresh rates.

Well, many people don't know that Samsung makes most of the display panels for all companies including apple. Now LG also produces screen panels for Apple but it can't fulfil the iPhone's needs. So Samsung will keep on dominating.

Apple vs Samsung: Camera Quality

In a fair real-world comparison, both Samsung and Apple have brought camera performance very close due to similarities in hardware specifications.

However, even without software improvements, the iPhone will be the top in terms of consistency and overall image quality in different lighting conditions.

Samsung's camera performance is fine as long as you don't go into the details, such as saturation and software improvements in certain lighting conditions.

If you choose one, it depends on how you want your photos to look. Most experts agree that Samsung cameras prefer beauty over reality, but the iPhone is more sophisticated and there aren't many software improvements.

The main advantage of the Samsung camera over the iPhone is the zoom function. Undoubtedly, their current flagship 3x zoom telephoto lens is in its own class. Many reviewers and professionals appreciate the camera's ability to shoot subjects more than a mile away.

Based on actual testing, the iPhone camera far outperforms Samsung when it comes to night mode, at least in the latest flagship. Under similar conditions, the iPhone Camera Night Mode offers slightly better colour science than the Samsung camera. However, the edges are very narrow and professional shooters achieve the same result with both cameras.

Apple vs Samsung: Security and Privacy

Finally, let's take a look at how the Samsung and iPhone handle user security and privacy. Android is a much more open operating system than iOS. While the Android approach has many advantages, it makes the operating system more vulnerable to malware. Google is not only vulnerable to cyber attacks but also much more intrusive than Apple. Various user logs are collected from Android users, but Apple collects little or no. The latest version of Android 11 has seen some improvements but has lost the battle between the iPhone and Samsung when it comes to privacy. The fact that Samsung uses the Knox security framework on all its devices, but it still can't compete with Apple.

Apple vs Samsung: RAM Management

Apple is best known for its RAM management, till iPhone 11 apple only provided 4GB of RAM and at that time some android phones came with 12 GB of RAM. The latest iPhone 13 pro max has the top model with 8 GB of RAM whereas the Samsung s21 ultra also comes with 16 GB of RAM. Apple give less RAM is not to cut prices but because their phones don't need that much RAM. They can perform any task on their phones better than any other smartphone and much more smoothly.

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