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Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Online learning is a great way of saving time. Offline learning is too time-consuming as well as really exhausting, and on top of that, you cannot miss a single day no matter what, coz offline classes don't have a repeat telecast. So these problems can be resolved by just switching from offline learning to online learning. You can take your classes wherever you want and whenever you want you can also watch lectures again and again.

We thoroughly go through almost all the online learning platforms and found some best platforms.

So in our article BEST PLATFORMS FOR ONLINE LEARNING IN 2022 we have listed them all with our review about them. You can choose any of them according to your needs.

We are not limited to this only we have covered almost all topics and listed some best websites, applications, youtube channels, and Instagram channels about them. You can check out our list only on MYLINKLOT, and if you are a content creator and want to list your website or channel you can submit the listing form on the About page.

UDEMY has the most amount of courses available compared to other learning platforms.

The best thing about udemy is anyone can record their lectures and upload them. So the people who are working on something and have experience on that topic for more than 5 years will most likely have better knowledge than someone whose job is teaching only. Everyone knows that the most valuable thing is experience. They also have a 30-day refund policy so if are dissatisfied with a course you can get a refund.

KHAN ACADEMY is a non-profit organisation which means they do not charge a single penny from users, anyone can do any course on khan academy free of cost.

In 2021 the CEO of TESLA and SpaceX donated 5 million dollars to KHAN ACADEMY through his musk foundation.

Khan Academy has learning courses for all ages. If you want to start for free you can start from here.

COURSERA has partnered with 200+ leading universities to make some best courses possible.

Coursera has more than 1500 free courses, the rest courses are paid. Paid courses are quite costly.

Top companies like GOOGLE have also partnered with Coursera to make learning courses. These certifications are recognised by almost all top companies.

EDX have partners like HARVARD, MIT, and BERKELEY and has more than 15,000 instructors who teach education-oriented courses across several different categories. It also offers programs and degrees to advance your career from home.

Real college courses, created and taught by real college instructors, are available on EDX.

The majority of courses are free of cost but you have to pay if you want certification.

The UDACITY platform is slightly different from some other people in the market. Instead of focusing on individual classes, their main offer is a "nano degree" boot camp including multiple lessons, projects, personalized reviews, class discussions, and technical operations of an experts program. Most programs require a part-time study of 1 to 5 months depending on the topic.

GREAT LEARNING is another free learning platform that makes you job-ready. They also partnered with some big universities to offer undergraduate and postgraduate courses, UG and PG courses are not free. They also have a career boost section where job opportunities are posted and anyone can apply through that. Great learning is great for technical studies like coding or Data science.

You can check the complete list of online learning on our website. Just click on the following link .

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May 20, 2022

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