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Cloud Gaming: Start of an era

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

It didn't take long for video games to become a huge cultural force. Games are now about twice as valuable as the movie industry, and games are huge and essentially remain at the forefront of technology. In addition to advances in graphics, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence, cloud gaming has evolved significantly in recent years. Cloud-based games, also known as on-demand games or games as a service, are summarized in the simple idea of ​​applying cloud computing to games. Now it has the potential to revolutionize the way video games are played.

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Cloud Gaming: Start of an era

What is Cloud Gaming?

From old-fashioned consoles like ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64s to modern consoles and PC graphics cards, hardware has always been a big part of the game. However, while this hardware is usually on a desk or under a TV, cloud gaming is fundamentally different. Cloud-based services do everything hundreds of miles away, instead of running games on physical devices.
Of course, cloud gamers need a server connection, but they don't need onboard gaming capabilities, so virtually any internet-enabled device, such as tablets, laptops, smart TVs, and smartphones, will work. This is a game-optimized streaming box that can theoretically turn any screen into a powerful game console.

The most up-to-date gaming hardware is really expensive. Consoles can price masses of pounds, tricked-out PCs price even extra, and that`s earlier than you pay for the video games themselves.

With the gaming generation continuously evolving, upgrading hardware every few years is obligatory to revel in the brand new titles. But, by connecting to devices in the cloud, costs are reduced to a subscription fee, and the provider takes on all the responsibilities of maintaining high-end gaming systems.
Gaming on-demand is simply any other element of cloud computing in general. Cloud gaming can be defined as `Netflix for video games, and there are hundreds of thousands of visitors now having access to the content material on far-flung servers. cloud gaming is far more demanding than video streaming.

Latency is an important part of cloud gaming. The data centre can be equipped with the most powerful and state-of-the-art hardware that runs the latest titles at ultra-high settings and frame rates. But in the end, the user experience always depends on the speed of the connection. Since the game relies on real-time interactions, the delay between pressing a button and deploying an action is detrimental. Acceptable latencies vary by genre, but for fast-paced shooters and action games, latency should be minimized to ensure a playable experience.
This is where cloud gaming services have collapsed in the past. Previously, bandwidth wasn't high enough to provide responsive gameplay. But now we are gradually beginning to see the speed of the Internet making cloud games a viable option.

The gaming industry is currently built on home hardware, with two major console platforms acting as gatekeepers between game publishers and their audiences. In a cloud-dominated market, publishers are much less dependent on the machine's installation base, and all major publishers may even run cloud gaming services. Microsoft and Sony will undoubtedly continue to invest heavily in their cloud products and in-house development studios. But will video game consoles still exist 10 years from now? It's not directly related to cloud-based games, but keep in mind that Sony's new PS5 will only allow downloaded digital games, not disk slots.

Today, traditional consoles are more popular than ever, but it's not too hard to imagine their disappearance. Cloud gaming technology is rapidly maturing and can easily become a mainstream option, but other technologies continue to exist for enthusiasts. Dedicated hardware is always in the home of hardcore gamers, just as movie fans are still looking for physical media and music fans are spending thousands of dollars on record collections.

However, Netflix beat Blu-ray sales, and Spotify users outperform vinyl geeks. The game is a less established and technically sophisticated medium, so it will take some time to leap. All the signs show that cloud-based games are becoming a new norm-and there's everything about it.

Want to give cloud gaming a try?
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