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How To Improve Programming Skills

Learning new programming languages doesn't make you a good coder. If you know how to write code but don't know what the logic is then your knowledge in multiple coding languages is a complete waste. Don't focus on learning new languages but focus on learning the logic and pattern of a program. What has to be done to get the desired output.

Nowadays everyone can be a software developer, web developer or any other stream which require coding. But not everyone becomes a good coder a get a job with decent earning. Consistency is the most important thing in the learning phase, it's okay that you take baby steps but stopping is not an option.

How To Improve Programming Skills

To become a skilled programmer you need to practice daily, don't end your day on 0% progress. Make yourself better by 1% daily and in a year you'll be a 3800% better version of your present self that's what compounding says, and compounding also says if you get worse by 1% every day then you will lose 97% of your value in a year.

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Skills required to become a good programmer

Math Orientation

The level of math you need to know depends a lot on the project you are working on. However, programming is primarily about dealing with numbers and building logic around them. Mathematics helps you to develop sophisticated applications, APIs, algorithms, and more. A good start would be this freeCodeCamp Math course for programmers.

Problem-solving skills

Being a better programmer means being a better problem solver and a better logical thinker. Problem-solving is at the heart of computing. Programmers must first understand how a human solves a problem, then understand how to translate this "algorithm" into something that a computer can do, and finally how to "write" the specific syntax (that a computer needs) to do the desired job.

Organizational and time management skills

Under the new stack, software developers spend 22% of their time on the maintenance of the code. They do spend a higher percentage of their time writing new code or improving existing code (39%) and a much smaller percentage of their time on operational tasks and meetings (14%). If you look at this data, it means that writing code is not everything. Being a better developer means you have to use your time carefully. At this point, you may be focusing too much on writing code and not enough on learning other important skills that every developer needs.

Ability to work in a team

Teamwork helps solve problems easily. Working together in a group can help you solve difficult problems and improve your critical thinking. Brainstorming is a great opportunity for the team to brainstorm and find creative ways. Working together, teams can find solutions that work best by reviewing and reading each other's code. Nowadays, no matter where you will work, you will most likely be part of a team.

Self-development skills

With rapidly changing trends you need to change yourself accordingly. The world of technology is constantly changing. Being at the forefront of software development is a "must". There are many ways to stay current, but the biggest challenge is managing your time efficiently. If you to about changing trends you can follow a blogpost. MyLinkLot provides you most recent changes in the IT industry.

Competitive Coding and Programming Challenges

Coding Challenges is a great way to refresh your memory on basic and advanced concepts before landing a new job, preparing for an interview, and more. However, you may (or may not) find it interesting that many programmers love to participate in challenges like this just for fun. You don't have a good chance of winning these competitions best most likely you'll be in this field for 3-4 years or less but there are some programmers who have experience of more than 10 years and take part in these competitions so you don't stand a chance of winning but completing the competition is important.

Personal projects

Working on projects refreshes your every bit of knowledge in programming. Here you'll encounter failures, errors, and so many things but solving these problems helps you learn concepts for life long. Your first project won't be perfect but in the process of making your project perfect, you'll be making yourself perfect.

Contributing to open-source projects

The open-source community is always open for contributions. What this means to you is that you can really influence a library that many other developers around the world are using.

The main problem is finding the right open source projects for you as a beginner to try. In my opinion, the best resource for this is the MunGell/awesome-for-beginners repository. It provides a list of the exact projects and topics that you, as a beginner, can take home right away. Rest depends on your research you can go to Github and choose projects for yourself.

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